Building a nation through investing in the way we move.

More than 40% of South Africa’s population of over 50 million people make use of public transport, with the dominant mode of public transport being the minibus taxi industry. This means over 15 million South Africans make use of minibus taxis to get to and from work every day.

Mokoro Holdings, along with its partners and subsidiaries, believes that by investing in the minibus taxi industry, we are actively playing a role in empowering South Africans, and thereby building our nation’s economy.

Many of our clients are first-time entrepreneurs who are unable to access finance from the formal financial sector. By providing financial and business assistance to these new businessmen and women, we empower them to play a key role in getting the country’s economy moving.

We have invested in the importers of vehicles, as well as suppliers of the parts and accessories used in our vehicles allowing for efficiencies in keeping the vehicles we finance on the road.

Our companies are actively involved in the day-to-day management of their clients’ vehicles, through state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and telemetry systems. Through investing time, knowledge and skills into clients’ businesses, they ultimately become partners in their new ventures, assisting clients to grow their businesses into strong, viable businesses with positive growth opportunities for themselves, their families and communities.